Pull out drawers for clamps and hoses used in the repairs of different fire extinguisher classifications.

Just as there are many different kinds of hammers, wrenches, or pipes, there are different kinds of fire extinguishers. So the next time you have to fight a fire, before you grab the nearest fire extinguisher and follow the PASS method, take a look at the label and make sure it is the right tool for the job.


Ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, rubber, and many plastics.


Flammable liquids like petroleum greases, tars, oils, and solvents.


Only for energized electrical equipment.


Combustible metals like magnesium, titanium, sodium, and lithium.


Commercial cooking applications like vegetable/animal oils and fats.

Multipurpose extinguishers, like A-B, B-C, or A-B-C, are also fairly common. It is likely that the classic fire extinguisher you think of, and might even have under your sink or in your closet, is A-B-C. We service all classifications.