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Fire Extinguishers – Exit Lights – Inspections – Repairs – & More

Helping you Comply with the BC Fire Code, NFPA 10, & Local Insurance Requirements

Here at Princeton Fire & Safety we offer a range of services around the Okanagan-Similkameen to help maximize your organization’s safety, and meet ever-changing safety standards. On-site, or in our shop, our Registered Fire Protection Technician (RFPT), certified by the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC), will ensure all work is professionally completed to industry standards. From recharging and rebuilding fire extinguishers, to ensuring your exit lights are appropriately placed and working correctly, we are here for you. Based in Princeton, BC we serve both locally and can travel to your business in Penticton, Summerland, Osoyoos, Oliver, Keremeos, or anywhere else in the Okanagan-Simlikameen area. Simply call to set up a site-visit or other appointment! If, like many business owners, you aren’t sure exactly what you need, don’t worry.

We can explain what services are right for you, and tell you more about our fees.

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On-site Safety Inspections

Section 6.2 of the BC Fire Code requires that all portable and wheeled fire extinguishers be maintained and comply with NFPA 10. Our ASTTBC Registered Fire Protection Technician can conduct an inspection to help ensure you meet these requirements. For more information on the various types of fire extinguishers you may have, or need, feel free to check out our quick guide and give us a call.

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Repairs & Recertification

The NFPA requires that extinguishers and cylinders undergo periodic internal examinations and/or hydrostatic testing. Wherever possible, (including for exit lights) our technician will recommend any repairs to save you money. We guarantee high quality rebuilds or repairs, and in the unlikely event of leaks or other issues (caused by us) they’ll be addressed free-of-charge.

Ruined fire extinguisher in a burnt building, one of the many things we can repair or replace

Sales & Installation

Unfortunately, due to wear or age, not everything can be repaired, nor is up to current safety standards. In these scenarios we can provide you with competitively priced replacements or upgrades. To assist in this transition, we also offer on-site installation. Beyond just meeting standards, we can provide you with more ergonomic or accessible fire extinguisher brackets and mounts.

Did you know that store-bought fire extinguishers still need to be certified for your business?

If you use an extinguisher, bring it to Princeton Fire & Safety Ltd. instead of replacing it! It is usually cheaper to refill or recharge a fire extinguisher instead of buying a new one and then having it certified. If you aren’t sure how exactly to use a fire extinguisher in the first place, check out our fire extinguisher guide.

All work is conducted, or overseen, by an ASTTBC Registered Fire Protection Technician and complies with local requirements.
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